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Coaching and Mentoring Plans....


I offer a range of different packages to suit your individual needs and budget. I coach in all aspects of Law and Attraction and mindset, guiding you through the process to help you attract the life you desire and keep your mindset healthy.

Extensive coaching in relationships - new or improving existing ones, becoming financially secure, attracting your dream house or job, or just improving your overall mindset.






I also offer codependency coaching. Many people, including myself, have had codependency patterns from their childhood, and as a transformed ex codependent, I know how disempowering it is to suffer with this dissorder. This condition does not need to control your can heal it.


'' I received a one to one Law of Attraction session with Alison this morning. It was amazing, made me realise what I was actually doing wrong in trying to manifest things into my life. I'm hot on it now, so here's to my manifesting journey, watch this space.... Thank you so much Alison, it was so lovely to speak to you, you are such an inspiring lady - feeling happy. Tracy L. ''

"I have just had a session with Alison. I found I was able to go deeply into an issue that I have been really struggling with. Alison guided me with great sensitivity towards a solution that I felt instantly in my heart. You know that moment of real relief when you just know this is the way forward.

I have some really positive steps to take away from our conversation but more importantly I could feel the healing shift in myself instantly.

Thank you Alison this means a great deal to me X Sandra P"

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