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Law of Attraction Plans

One off coaching session (45 mins). We will work on any area of your choice or general teachings. Ideal for any level from beginners to advanced.

Usual Price £50.00
Summer discount £25.00

Plan of Action (45 mins).We will look at where you want to be in your life and devise a plan of action that fits into your life and techniques that work for you.

Usual Price £50.00
Summer discount £25.00

Block coaching sessions. Block sessions are an ideal way to keep the momentum going with your coaching.We can work on one specific area or several it's your choice. I will teach you many Law of Attraction techniques, identify, and work through blocks and create a plan of action. Over the phone or text support with myself throughout. 6 or 12 sessions (45 mins per session). Once a week or fortnightly it's totally up to you.

6 sessions
Usual Price £150.00
Summer discount £75.00

12 sessions
Usual Price £280.00
Summer discount £140.00

Monthly on going Mentoring. This on going monthly plan  is the best way to stay focused on achieving your goals. We will cover all aspects of Law of Attraction and mindset, training for you to become the best version of yourself and have the life you deserve. A 45 min session per month. Phone and text support by myself throughout.

1 session per month
Usual Price £50.00
Summer discount £25.00

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